PING G400 Drivers: What You Need To Know

When you think of PING, you probably think of Bubba Watson’s drives. The DISTANCE and the CONSISTENCY is what you’re looking for. He’s not playing too well right now, so that’s probably the only aspect of his game that you want to acquire.

Bubba has claimed to gain an average of 6 yards to his drive, just by switching to the PING G400 driver; that means the average Joe can probable gain at least 10 more yards!  Bubba has also been hitting 60% of his fairways this year, which means the G400 offers control.

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Now that you know the PING G400 is tour proven, it’s time to learn the tech side!

The G400 series drivers are all 445cc (volume) which is smaller from standard 460cc. PING claims that it has found the optimum head size for reducing drag and sustaining forgiveness. All three versions have a thinner crown, which has allowed PING to place the weight in more necessary parts of the head.

The SF Tec G400 has a tungsten weight placed in the heel. PING claims that this results in a 10-12 yard of draw bias. This driver is ideal for the golfer that has a slice.

Ping G400 SF Tec Driver

The Standard G400 driver has tungsten in the very back of the head for the most forgiveness. This driver is for golfers that need versatility and forgiveness. This is the driver Bubba is gaming.

Ping G400 Driver

The LS Tec G400 has more weight near the face for a more penetrating, less spin ball flight. This driver is for golfers that want a fade bias ball flight.

Ping G400 LS Tec Driver

The G400 series is spins about 300 rpm less than the previous G series. This may not sound like a lot, but that is 10 yards of roll out you could be messing, or side spin keeping you away from trouble.

What driver are you favoring right now? We want to know!

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