Is The Choice THAT Easy?

This has to be one of the most frequently asked questions I get from very good players, and it’s a question that I had asked myself until I did some testing.

If you knew a way to save a couple dollars for a dozen of Titleist ProV1 or ProV1x‘s, you almost know the meaning of life. (If you do, comment down below!!!)

There is about an $8 difference for a dozen of 2017 ProV1(x)‘s and the previous generation ProV1(x)‘s.

“If the difference isn’t so drastic, I’ll just buy the older model.”

New Pro V1

Titleist has claimed that the newer generation has a dimple pattern that promotes more consistent ball flight. Titleist also claims that the ProV1 has a lower ball flight, which gives it more distance.

I have a naturally high ball flight, and I can stand by the claims that Titleist has made with this new ProV1 ball. I switched from the ProV1x to the ProV1 because it helped my driving consistency, but I sacrificed some distance. With the new ProV1 there is a more penetrating ball flight that gets me 5 yards longer, and still checks up on the green when I need it.

New Pro V1<span>x</span>

If you have a similar situation like me, I would greatly suggest trying the new ProV1; the $8 could be the difference maker in your ball flight.

And let’s face it… you’ll probably get the $8 back from playing with your buddies.

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