Mizuno MP-18 line is a blast from the past

Mizuno Golf has decided to further separate their JPX line and MP line from each other by size, shape and material. The new MP-18 (MB), MP-18 SC, MP-18 MMC and MP-18 MMC Fli Hi are all identical in technical specs such as loft, lie and length in order to make the transition from model to model smoother. This makes sense because most players on the PGA Tour now are using combo sets with musclebacks in the short irons for control and cavity backs in the longer irons for more forgiveness. The sole widths, blade lengths and toplines increase with each successive model from MB’s to MMC Fli Hi’s which reflect the forgiveness of the model. Have a look at the pictures from GolfWRX.com below:

MP-18 (muscleback)


MP-18 SC (split cavity)


MP-18 MMC (multi-material construction)


MP-18 MMC Fli Hi (driving/utility iron)

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