Endless Options: PING G400 Fairway Woods

PING has always been a company about customizing clubs to the player. They understand that different golfers need different specs, especially for the fairway wood.

Why the fairway wood you might ask? There’s many reasons why having trusted fairway woods are important: when the driver is misbehaving the woods are next in line, or if you need to reach the green in two in order to beat your playing partners. Sometimes you hit a poor shot off the tee, so you have to make up the distance and get your ball back into play.

representative FAIRWAY WOOD model

I really like fitting customers, especially those that need a little more distance to their game, into the new PING G400 fairway woods because they offer so many options that will fill into any players gappings.

The big catch on all the PING G400 products, is that they have a forged face. Most manufacturers only forge their irons. Having that soft forge-feeling in the driver will promote a more consistent feel throughout the bag, as well as less stress on the joints. The PING G400 line also has the thinnest crown on the market which allows for higher ball flight and more ball speed.

There’s the standard PING G400 SF Tec fairway woods that promote a draw, for players that tend to hit a slice. Many of our customers favor this model because that draw gets them more distance. PING offers the G400 SF Tec fairway wood in the following degrees:


Club Loft Lie Angle Length Head Size Swing Weight
3W SFT 16.0° 56.5° 43″ 187 cc D0
5W SFT 19.0° 57.0° 42 1/2″ 178 cc D0
7W SFT 22.0° 57.5° 42″ 171 cc D0

The standard PING G400 fairway wood is set to be more neutral, for players that want to shape shots. For players that have a hard time finding a 13 degree 3 wood, look no further! The  Here are the options for the standard G400 fairway woods:


Club Loft Lie Angle Length Head Size Swing Weight
Stretch 3W 13.0° 56.0° 43″ 193 cc D2
3W STD 14.5° 56.0° 43″ 181 cc D1
5W STD 17.5° 56.5° 42 1/2″ 169 cc D1
7W STD 20.5° 57.0° 42″ 155 cc D1
9W STD 23.5° 57.5° 41 1/2″ 152 cc D1

As you can tell, there is a G400 fairway wood that will fit into your game.

Have any questions about the PING G400 woods or drivers? Email us at support@fairwaygolf.com !

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