Henrik’s Choice of Putter Shape

If you were watching the 2017 Wyndham Championship this weekend, you would’ve seen Henrik Stenson winning with a total score of 22-under. The Swedish golfer was able to shoot 10-under in the second round. How was he able to do it you might ask? READ ON TO FIND OUT.

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The answer is simple, it was all in the putter. Henrik was putting lights out this weekend. When you watch the highlights, he was sinking 20 to 30 and even 40 foot putts like it was easy.

Henrik has been using Odyssey putters from the beginning of his career. He has been seen gaming an Odyssey Two-Ball putter a few times. Everyone knows the Two-Ball putter really helps with alignment, and is easy to roll. But Henrik uses a putter head that is very popular on the European Tour……THE #7. The #7 design is just as easy to align as the Odyssey Two-Ball. The difference is that the #7 shape has more MOI, which makes it easy to stay on swing path. If you think about it, the Odyssey #7 resembles the idea of the TaylorMade Spider Tour, with the weights far behind the face.

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Although Henrik was using an older model of the Odyssey #7, the Black O-Works #7 is the latest version. In fact, the version that Henrik uses has a custom black paint job that looks identical to the Black O-Works release. I assume that he hasn’t switched to the O-Works #7 because he is not used to the feel of the insert, or is not used to the topspin that the Microhinge insert produces.

If you are struggling with the flat stick, I would recommend the Odyssey O-Works Two-Ball or #7. High MOI and easy to line up. Henrik shot 10-under with the #7…. maybe you can too?

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