This Might Be Your Chance to Buy Blades: Mizuno MP-18 MB vs MP-18 SC

Have you seen the Mizuno MP-18 Split Cavity? We have the demos at the shop, and this is my comparison between the MP-18 MB (muscle back) and SC. Most golfers that use blades are told to go to the slightly more forgiving model. According to our launch monitor, there was no performing variance between the two irons. FIND OUT WHY!




This is the only characteristic difference that stood out to me. The top line of the Mizuno MP-18 SC is significantly larger than the MP-18 MB; it was bigger than I thought it would be. The top line of the MP-18 SC is very similar to the TaylorMade P-770 irons or the Callaway Apex Pros.


I thought for a fact that I was going to be 5 yards longer with the SC‘s, but I wasn’t. Normally SC‘s have a more active, or “hotter” face, that allows for more ball speed. I must admit, that both irons were very consistent with distance. Many MBs that I have played in the past had sporadic distance issues. I was within 3 yards of each strike.


This is the characteristic that has many of our customers choosing between the MB or SC. Naturally, the SC is supposed to be the more forgiving head, but I sensed no difference. My off center hits on both irons were 8 yards apart and about 12 yards to the left of my target.


I have hit Mizuno MP‘s before, but the pure carbon steel that the MP-18 are constructed with are unreal. At impact, it is soft, but not too soft to where it feels like a dead face.


DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE MP-18 MB ! If you wanted to test blades, these are the ones. The SC version is not any more forgiving than the MB.

Look out for the review on the Mizuno MP-18 MMC and MP-18 FliHi.

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