FEEL THIS: Mizuno MP-18 Irons Review

Four different irons, with one thing in common… INCREDIBLE FEEL! There is no debate that Mizuno irons have incredible feel. Soft to the hands and ears, Mizuno has dialed in feel and sound. Most PGA Tour players pay close attention to not only feel, but sound. Believe it or not, the sound a club makes during impact can dictate whether or not you think it is soft or not. Mizuno is one of the few golf manufacturers that have come close to mastering their own forging process. The MP-18 iron line consists of four different irons: the Muscle Back (MB), Split Cavity (SC), Multi-Metal Cavity (MMC), and Multi-Metal Cavity FLI-HI (FLI-HI). All the irons in the MP-18 series are made from 1025E mild-carbon steel. This metal has all the particles compacted in very tight so that there is consistent feel throughout the head.

Here is a comprehensive review of each model:

MP-18 MB

Mizuno MP-18 Iron

DO NOT be afraid to hit these. With the traditional blade look, the MP-18 MB easily intimidates golfer. Although these irons probably won’t improve your scores, you will be able to experience great feel. All the irons are start from the same material, but this one feels the best. Since the MB is a solid piece of metal (rather than the SC), it feels softer.

What I like about the MB is that the top line is not that intimidating. When you compare it to the Titleist 718 MB, it does not seem that thin; you can almost forget that it is a blade. This blade has little to no technology to help players get it up in the air. I did notice on average a 3 to 4 yard gain in distance, but only because there are strong lofted compared to the irons I hit now. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE MIZUNO MP-18 MB FOR ALL YOU BLADE LOVERS!

MP-18 SC

Mizuno MP-18 SC Iron

I was slightly disappointed with the SCs for one reason and one reason only, I NOTICED NO BENEFIT FROM THE MB! My mishits with this club felt the same as the mishits with the MB. I only gained an average of 1 yard in distance over the MP-18 MB, but other than that nothing really sticks out. That being said, that does not mean the SC is not doing its job. I was averaging 2 degrees of higher launch with them over the MB. This would benefit players that want a blade, but need help with keeping it up in the air. I can see many golfers using the MP-18 SC in the longer irons, with the MP-18 in the shorter irons.


Mizuno MP-18 MMC Iron

As for the MP-18 Multi-Metal Cavity, I highly recommend this for players that need more forgiveness BUT want the feel of the blade. Many manufacturers right now have very forgiving cavity backs, but they lack exquisite feel that Mizuno’s have. As far as ball flight, the MMC stayed the same as the SC. What really stuck out to me was the dispersion. After hitting 10 shots with these irons, my biggest miss was only 9 yards offline and 3 yards off the distance. I am impressed with the MMC because of how Mizuno uses different types of metal, but still able to retain the feel that they are known for; to top it all off, I was able to see a huge difference in the forgiveness when compared to the MB and SC.


Mizuno MP-18 MMC FLI-HI Iron

WARNING: DO NOT HIT UNLESS YOU WANT ATOMIC DISTANCE. I was hitting the FLI-HI 10 yards longer than the other three models. What stuck out to me when I hit the MP-18 FLI-HI was the ball speed. This iron is the thickest of them all, but it is still slightly thinner than other driving irons. You will see these in the bags of many PGA Tour pros when they play link style courses. I can definitely see these in the bags of two different kinds of players: The first golfer is the one that has a slower swing speed. This club head with the combination of a lighter shaft will improve their approach shots. The second player is a more skilled player, that is having trouble with hybrids and hits irons very well. Having the MP-18 FLI-HI in a #2 iron can come in handy when playing in strong winds.


The Mizuno MP-18 iron series is impressive for the following reasons:

  1. There are four different models that could compliment any golfers game.
  2. The MP-18 series feel and sound soft.
  3. Mizuno is able to keep all the heads compact and still provide maximum forgiveness.

Have any questions about the Mizuno MP-18 line? Email support@fairwaygolf.com ! Our experts will be able to guide you in the right direction!

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