Cleveland is Back! Cleveland CBX Review

I was surprised when I heard that Cleveland Golf was coming out their own irons. For that last few years Cleveland only took care of wedges and putters while Srixon provided all the other clubs for players. Players like Keegan Bradley, Graeme Mcdowell, Smylie Kaufman and Hideki Matsuyama always had two different brand names in their bag. It will be interesting to see if any of them choose to play the NEW Cleveland CBX.



I really like irons that have a satin finish to them, because it is slightly distracting when the sunlight is reflecting off glossy finishes. For a cavity back, I really liked the size. I could definitely see myself playing these in the longer irons. The top line size is very similar to the Mizuno MP-18 MMC; it’s not too big, not too small. Cleveland is promoting their progressive size in this series. This allows for compacted shape in the short irons, and slightly wider shapes in your longer irons.



You hear a lot of club manufacturer’s putting a lot more emphasis on the relationship of FEEL AND SOUND. The Cleveland CBX sound more like a utility iron rather than an iron. It sounds and feels like the ball is coming off the face right after impact. Almost like the ball is reaching mach 1. As far as feel and sound, I could closely relate it to the Callaway Epic Irons.



I averaged 220 yards with the CBX 4 iron. I was hitting it 10 yards further than my current 4 iron. The big secret that no one is going to tell you is that these irons are strong lofted about 3 to 4 degrees, depending what brand you compare to. However, the incredible fact is that I was hitting the ball 2 degrees higher, even though the 4 iron is 4 degrees stronger. Distance is not the only seller for these irons. I was highly pleased with my dispersion, keeping each ball withing 6 yards within each other.


I would highly recommend the CBXs for anybody that is just starting out. Long distance, high forgiveness, and tight dispersion is what these irons can bring to the table.


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