Callaway Epic Star Drivers!

Has your swing speed been slowing down lately? You should probably be playing a light-weight club. Many golfers are told that changing to a light weight shaft gets the job done, however there is still weight in the head which can make it feel head heavy.

Callaway GBB EPIC Star

Callaway has recently released their lighter weight GBB Epic Star in the United States. Callaway states that this is their lightest club ever weighing in at 286 grams. What makes the Epic Star so light is the 39 gram Grand Bassara shaft. Also, the grip is 25% lighter than the standard GP New Decade Multi-Compound. Callaway even went as far as making a lighter hosel; the tip in the Epic Star is 7 grams lighter than the standard version.

Callaway GBB Epic Star Driver Head

The first wave of these drivers were available in Japan. In fact, the Japan release Epic Star was constructed to be even lighter than the U.S.A. release.

This driver is great for golfers that are looking to increase their swing speed.

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