Jason Day’s New Putter

For the longest time, Jason Day used the TaylorMade Spider Tour putter. In fact, when he earned World #1 ranking is when we noticed the trend of switching to mallets on the PGA Tour. The TM Spider Tour was special because of its high motion of inertia. The motion of inertia (MOI) meant that his putter head was difficult to pull [offline in the putting stroke]. On top of that, the TM Spider was one of the first mallets available to the public with the slant neck hosel.

JASON DAYArdmore 2 L Neck

After noticing that even the non-TaylorMade tour players were switching to the Spider Tour, Jason Day decided to switch! He is currently gaming the TM Ardmore 2. We haven’t had a chance to play with the putter, but this thing looks great. The shape is very similar to the infamous Odyssey #7. With the L-shape hosel, it’s like a mallet and a blade had a baby!

TaylorMade TP Red Collection Putters

TaylorMade is coming out with a whole new putter line soon! CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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