How to Choose Driver Loft?

If you want to hit your driver further, launch angle is the key to distance. I find many of our customers coming into a driver fitting and barely getting to the optimum launch angle. Of course, with different ball speeds come different OPTIMUM launch angles. Not getting into any specifics, but optimum launch conditions vary from 14 to 17 degrees.

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What does launch angle do? Launch angle dictates how high the ball initially starts. In order to get the most out of your driver, it is crucial to get the ball started high. Having a high ball flight (not skying it of course) gives the ball hang time, or enough time to travel as far as possible before it hits the fairway.

Many times golfers want to hit that running drive, but not only is that not trustworthy during play, but also not promoting consistency in your game.

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Customers come in to a driver fitting appointment, and we see on the monitor that they are launching their driver shots 12 degrees or lower. They wonder why their friends are out driving them, and I explain how important launch conditions are; you see it all the time on TV with the PROTRACER. When Jason Day, Rory Mcilroy, and Dustin Johnson hit their TaylorMade M Drivers most amateurs think they are skying it. The reality is that most golfers do not hit it high enough!

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Most of the pros like Rory want to see their launch angle around 14 degrees. That is the optimum launch conditions for people with faster swing speeds.

If you are launching it too low, the fix is as easy as trying out a different loft on a driver head. Most drivers today are offered in 9 to 12 degrees of loft on the face. Not to mention the drivers today have adjustable hosels to achieve higher launch.

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Schedule a fitting today so we can check your launch angle!

Lets cut to the chase, here is a breakdown of where you should be launching your driver shots:

Ball Speed (mph) = Launch Angle (degrees)

165-up = 14 – 14.5 degrees

160-150 = 15 -15.5 degrees

145-130 = 16-16.5 degrees

125-below = 17 degrees


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