Updated! Miura golf clubs from Japan! Part 1

Miura ICL601

To all the Miura golf clubs fans out there!

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Miura is a Japanese golf equipment company started in 1977 specializing in Forged irons. Their quality, pursuit of perfection and feel is amazing. They are growing in popularity around the world for their amazing feel and craftsmanship to bring the best performance out of a golfer.

Let us introduce you to some of their amazing work:

miura hayate driver

Hayate Driver:

Considerably easier to hit than the SIT driver for all level of golfers.  Easy launching, low spin and great ball speed for more distance.  Get one with one of our performance shaft selection to boost performance!

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miura hayate fairway

Hayate Fairway Wood

Hayate fairway woods are made of titanium.  Works great off the tee and off the deck (fairway). They have a floating 35 g in side the head which optimizes the Center of Gravity (CG) for optimum trajectory for higher launch with optimized spin.

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miura neo hybrid

Miura NEO Utility

This utility also utilizes floating weight technology inside the head to optimize trajectory and distance. It is one of the more forgiving Miura models produced. Perfect blend to the irons.

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Miura ICL601

Miura ICL-601 Driving Iron

Week after week, tour players are winning with a driving iron in their bag. This is Miura’s latest introduction which complements their line of irons. If you look at the chart in the product description from the link below, you know that Miura has put a lot of thought about blending their entire line of products so you can combine all Miura clubs to maximize performance.

Click to view Miura ICL-601 details

to be continued……..


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