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miura MB 5005 iron

When we talk about Miura Golf Clubs, most know of their forged irons and wedges.

From the finest material available and the special Miura forging process in pursuit of perfection and precision, Miura is the leader in craftsman ship to create the irons that a computer cannot generate.

The mission of Miura is to provide satisfaction to golfers by making the best golf equipment. Distance, trajectory is easy to measure. But there is more to golf clubs (especially irons and wedges) than just what we can see in numbers. As you pursue your golf, feel and looks become important. They give you confidence. Golfers also notice the little things like how it came off a certain turf condition, the sound coming off the face, etc. Miura craftsman have listened to many tour level golfers around the world and express those in their design to satisfy their needs.


miura MB001 blade irons

Miura MB-001 iron

This we call it a modern blade. Believe it or not, blades (muscle back irons) have gone through an evolution. I think mainly to ball change (characteristic and optimized flight pattern), there needed to be a tweak in the design. The MB-001 will still give you the feel, control and confidence while CG modified to match today’s game.

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miura CB 1008 irons

Miura CB-1008 irons

This is one of the more forgiving irons from Miura. Better players tend to like a more compact profile but still seek forgiveness. This model has a slightly thicker sole and gets the ball in the air on miss shots. Looks like a player, plays like a larger cavity back iron but with solid Miura feel.

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miura cb57

Miura 1957 Cavity Back Irons

Want a solid feel of a muscle back iron but need help when you miss the sweet spot? The Miura CB57 irons will give you solid feel when struck in the middle and also help you out on off center shots. This is a combination of the best of both worlds.

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miura MB 5005 iron

Miura MB-5005 irons

I will summarize this as a forgiving muscle back iron. By moving 15 grams of weight from the center to the perimeter, Miura has made the blade slightly larger than traditional muscle back irons while increasing the size of the sweet spot. Entry level muscle back irons.

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miura CB 2008 irons

Miura CB-2008 irons

This is the first of its kind from Miura with a pocket cavity. Still utilizes the same forging technology to create the face and the body. This allows to make the CG move back which gives you a slightly higher ball flight and bigger sweet spot. Not all Miura clubs are players clubs. This is a very forgiving model.

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