Miura Golf Clubs from Japan – Part 3

miura neo wedge

New Miura and putters

Miura has ventured to a new concept with their NEO line of golf clubs. The NEO hybrids, irons and wedges were designed with a new philosophy with the infusion of modern concept and technology. This is just the beginning…..

miura neo irons

Miura Passing Point NEO PP-9005 Genesis irons

The design and material used to create the NEO irons are to produce distance. Miura has used 455 Carpenter steel on the face to produce faster ball speed off the face of the club for more distance. The edges of the clubs have been rounded off so that it will glide through the grass easier.

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miura neo wedge

Miura Passing Point NEO Wedge

This wedge is a cast head. In order to enable a wide sole design which makes bunker and chip shots easier and the cavity above the sole for consistent trajectory, SUS cast method was used to create this wedge. This wedge blends nicely with the distance of the NEO irons.

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miura KM-007 putter

Miura KM-007 putter

CNC Milled heel shafted mallet putter with solid Miura feel.

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Miura KM-005 and KM-006 putters

The difference between the KM-005 and the KM-006 putter is the weight. KM-005 is 350 grams and the KM-006 is 370 grams. Forged, milled mild steel putter for the Miura golfers!

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miura KM-005 putter


miura KM-006 putter


to be continued……

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