Miura golf clubs – Part 2

miura k-grind

In this article, let me introduce to you Miura wedges.

There is not much that I can say about the feature of a wedge being very forgiving but Miura wedges are one of the best feeling wedges out on the market.

Each sole is hand ground for the perfect radius and camber. Miura does offer different grinds to match the needs of a golfer in various conditions.

Below are some of the wedges that we recommend from Miura:

miura wedge series

Miura Wedge Series

This is by far the most popular beautiful looking Miura wedge. Check out the video on our website from below link. It is like a katana to a samurai warrior. Each head is perfected by Miura craftsmen to add a soul in to the wedges which creates the perfect feel and touch. Once you hit them, you will feel it.

Click to view Miura wedge series details


miura k-grind

Miura K-Grind wedges

Great for thick rough and bunkers. The “fluted” grind like the knuckles of your hand provides less resistance from the thick and heavy stuff. Imagine moving your hands with your fingers spread apart and fingers closed. That is the difference when this wedges goes through the sand or the rough.

Help your game with K-grind wedges

miura lefthand wedge

Miura Lefthand wedges

There is always something special for the lefthanded golfers. Miura makes models for especially for lefthanded. Miura must know something that lefthanded golfers would understand. It is hard to find lefthand products in Japan but Miura has them!

Check out lefthanded Miura wedges


to be continued………

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