MIURA Showcases ICL-601 Driving Iron

Miura ICL601

Golfers everywhere know that the feel of a Miura iron is like no other. Miura’s forging process has been mastered for many years by Shinei Miura. Some players shy away from this golf club manufacturer because there is much more forgiveness in other irons out there. Miura prides itself with the ability to make the softest feeling irons out there. The company is known for producing blades that have a timeless look; the MB-001‘s are like the Rolex’s of irons. Miura is not a club manufacturer that often integrates any sort of advanced technology into their irons.

However, Miura is now offereing the ICL-601 Driving Iron. The ICL-601 is based off of their ever so popular design of the IC-2003. Just like their driving irons in the past, the ICL-601 features Miura’s Inner Cavity Structure. Remember how I said Miura is known for their timeless blade look? This model is no different. The ICL-601 is a full blown cavity iron, disguised as a blade. The Inner Cavity Structure speaks for it self. This driving iron is perimeter weighted with a cover on the back, so that it looks like it belongs to all of Miura‘s timeless blades. The Inner Cavity Structure allows for more forgiveness to the player, while still having the iconic blade look. Having taken out some of the weight from the back of a blade enables Miura to move all that weight to the bottom of the iron.

The Miura ICL-601 is currently offered in a 23 degree (4-iron); the 18 (2-iron) and 20 (3-iron) will be coming our this fall. For the 23 degree iron, there is an 8 gram weight that is embedded in the sole. Having an 8 gram weight at the bottom allows golfers to use the same shaft they have in the rest of their irons without having any variance in swing weight. When weight is located at the sole of an iron, this helps golfers launch the ball higher. A higher ball flight in the longer irons can benefit every golfer.

There are many pros that are changing their longer irons to more forgiving models. You always want your ball to stop as soon as it hits, so that minimal roll is not needed to be taken into account.

The Miura ICL-601 is great for golfers that are looking for a longer iron that possesses Miura‘s soft feel with added technology for maximum forgiveness.

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