Brendan Steele’s Bizzare Wedge Gaping (50,58,60)

The University of California Riverside alumni defended his title this past weekend at the 2017 Safeway Open. Brendan Steele, a Wilson Golf staffer, used a variation of tools to help win the tournament back to back years. The interesting factor to his equipment are his wedges.

It is a good rule of thumb that you have 4 degree gaps between your wedges. For example, if your pitching wedge is 48 degrees, your next club should be 52, then 56, and finally 60. However, if you take a look at Steele’s Titleist Vokey SM6 wedges he does 50, 58, then 60!?!


My guess is that either the 58 or 60 degree is bent a couple of degrees. Either he bent the 58 to a 56 which lowers his 10 degrees of bounce to 12, or he bent the 60 degree to 62 which makes his bounce about 6 degrees.


To be honest, I do this in my wedges. I weakened my 54 to a 56 and my 58 to a 60. Bounce is your friend folks!!! Bounce is great for players that tend to hit fat shots or want to be able to come down steeper. In my experiences, have found that bounce helps me get that check on the ball.

Other tools that Brendan Steele used:

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Driver


TaylorMade 2017 M2 3HL


Scotty Cameron Circle T X7

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