Getting chilly or wet? Get the best winter or wet weather condition golf gear!

Fairway Golf is located in San Diego. So we usually do not get too cold or wet all year round.

Not everyone can move to San Diego but you can be ready for cold or rainy weather so you can enjoy your golf! Last year I played a round in January in Colorado and it was great! Quick round, great exercise.

If you are ready with the best winter or rain gear, weather will not stop you from playing a round of golf. Be prepared!

Let me introduce you to some hot winter or rain gear that we see sales moving up!

FootJoy Rain Gloves:

The FootJoy rain gloves works better when wet. These gloves are popular in humid climate countries as a standard glove. If you sweat a lot, these will work good too!

The gloves are sold in pairs but you can use only one if you like.

This is a must have in your golf bag if forecast calls for rain!

But FootJoy Rain Gloves now





Titleist Hand Warmers:

We spend a lot of time waiting on the golf course. We try to move, take practice swings while waiting to stay loose. But if your hands are cold, you lose feel.


The Titleist hand warmers are much better than just putting your hands in your pocket. It is really keeps your hands warm.


Buy Titleist Hand Warmers now!





Most body heat escapes from the top of your head. Beanies will keep your body temperature from escaping.


Cover your ears, keep your head warm. It might help you make better decisions on the golf course!


Buy Beanies now!



FootJoy Outerwear (Jackets and Pullovers):

FootJoy makes one of the best performance outerwear in golf to keep you dry and warm. The key to golf outerwear is not to be bulky, not to be heavy, but keeps you warm and dry.

You don’t want your jackets to get in the way of your swing. You don’t want your jacket to get in the way when you are putting. Good outerwear should not distract you while playing.

But the best performing apparel in golf (FootJoy):



Are you ready for winter golf?

visit for all your golf needs!


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