Custom wedges gaining popularity! Vokey, Mizuno, Taylor Made and more!

Getting fit for clubs are very important. Especially wedges.

You can customize shaft, lie, loft, length, grip to make it work better for your swing.

But customization on wedges also involves personalizing.

Custom stamping is popular for our customers. Having initials, names, messages will make it feel more personal.


Vokey SM6 Raw wedges are hot!

Raw wedges are harder to find these days. Some may dislike the rust that appears over time. But the absence of chrome will make the edges of grooves sharper and more direct contact with the ball for better feel.


Titleist offers the SM6 raw are available only on a limited basis.


Buy Titleist SM6 Raw custom now!


Mizuno S18 Wedges

Mizuno S18’s are amazing wedges. I personally play them and give them 2 thumbs up. Their new black finish is very durable. Trajectory is so consistent with the weight distributed both on the top and at the bottom so it stabilizes launch conditions.


Great no upcharge options and customization.


Buy Mizuno S18 custom now!



Taylor Made Milled Grind Wedges

100% milled. Consistency. Sharper edges, solid feel. I like the classic red plug on the heel reminds me of classic Wilson Wedges.


Taylor Made really have it covered from top to bottom.  From drivers to putter. Their line up is solid!


Buy Taylor Made Custom wedges!


Don’t forget! Taylor Made has their Antique Bronze wedges out now!


Have you seen Miura Giken golf clubs?

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