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Visit us to try the new Callaway Apex MB irons and the X Forged irons. We are also accepting pre-orders online too.

Click here to pre-order your set. If you need assistance in making a combo set, please email us at to ask our expert regarding loft settings and flow.

For those who have not seen the clubs, here’s some information regarding the exciting Callaway players forged irons:


Callaway APEX MB iron:

Experts may say that muscle back irons are only good for better players. But who cares? I love the looks of this pure forged irons with shiny chrome finish and rounded edges from trailing edge to the heel blending in to the hosel.

I am curious to find out the effect of the new V20 grooves which is designed to prevent fliers from the rough.

Muscle backs are actually going through evolution designed to match today’s desired ball flight. The grooves have been modernized, CG location has been optimized to match today’s ball flight while maintaining the traditional looks that better players prefer.

Muscle back irons just feel good!

So many no upcharge shaft options!

Pre-order your Callaway Apex MB irons now


Callaway X Forged Irons:

One piece forged cavity back irons which looks much more forgiving than their previous X forged series irons. Satin finish, compact looks. Everyone has bad days. This will help the better players on their bad days, keeping the ball straighter compared to the muscle back irons.

I can see many better players playing in top level USGA and state competitions and city championship playing with the players cavity back irons to keep them in the hunt.

This iron also utilizes the V20 grooves to prevent fliers.

We recommend mixing the long/mid X forged irons with the Apex MB irons in the short irons.

Would make that perfect set.

Make sure you get them customized with great no upcharge shaft options.

Click here to pre-order!

For combo sets, email our experts at since you need to be careful with loft settings!

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