Iron Battle: Callaway Apex MB ’18 vs. Callaway X Forged ’18

We have pre-orders for the NEW Callaway Apex MB and Callaway X Forged ! You have seen Rory use these Apex MBs earlier this year, and Phil using a combination of the two irons. With two golf icons putting these Callaway irons in play, there is no question as to why many golfers demand to hit these.

Earlier this week we received a package from Callaway with two irons. They were the demo irons for the Apex MB and X Forged. Being the equipment nut that I am, I immediately put the two irons to the test. I currently play blades, so I was most excited to hit the Apex MB. However, I assumed that the X Forged would be a great option as well if Phil Mickelson uses them in his longer irons.

Callaway X Forged IronsCallaway Apex MB Irons

Right off the back, I liked the looks of the X Forged more than the Apex MBs. I am not a huge fan of the glossy chrome finish that allows the sunlight to reflect into my eyes. At address there is a significant difference in blade length from hosel to toe. The Apex MBs are just as timeless as all the other blades out there. The Apex MBs are smaller than the Mizuno MP-18 MBs (that was a random comparison, but I thought you should have a reference).

PERFORMANCE! If Rory Mcilroy was playing these blades without being paid, that means they had to be good. The 7-iron demos that we have in the shop both have Project X 6.0 shafts (a bit heavy feel for my liking).

After having hit both irons for 15 minutes each, there was a significant difference in performance. I was spinning the Apex MBs way more than I normally spin a 7-iron. I know Rory likes to see his ball climb to the Apex, which is what all that spin can do for you. I launched the X Forged one degree higher, which allowed 3 more yards in distance.

Image result for phil mickelson apex

As far as distance and feel goes, I have to give it up for the X Forged. I personally would not even consider a split set like Phil. I would just go all Callaway X Forged. I did not notice a big difference in ball dispersion or forgiveness in my miss hits.

SUMMARY: X Forged have better feel, and more distance. If you have a tendency to spin the ball a lot, the MBs may not produce the best ball flight for you.

I hope that you found this review helpful. If you have any questions about the NEW Callaway irons, shoot us an email at .

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