RANDOM TESTING epon 705 vs callaway epic


1 handicap player

height: 6 foot

weight: 145lbs

age: 19 years old

currently gaming epon af-302 irons


club number 1:  EPON AF-705 w/ ns pro 1050 gh 7 iron

club number 2: Callaway Epic w/ project x LZ 6.0 7 iron


initial impression:

#1 Epon iron has a big head and heavy offset.

#2 Epic head is noticeably smaller head but thicker top line and has different finish.


after hitting the club:

#1 Epon has a very soft unmatched feel, misses are forgiving and jumpy off the face

#2 Epic has a hot face and doesnt need much to get it to go. better appearance than the Epon with the smaller head size


Epon flights were very consistent to each other and with a 29 degree 7 iron the distance was great and consistent also. tighter dispersion in terms of above and below pin and closer to the straight line. The launch was slightly higher by .3 degrees and also a 130 rpm higher spin rate than the Epic

Callaway epic iron has a 30 degree lofted 7 iron but had the same average number in carry but some carries were 4 yards longer than the epon. flights werent as consistent and dispersion was a little more left and wider than the Epon iron. The Epic iron also had a higher ball speed than the Epon iron.




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