REVIEW: Playing the NEW Titleist AVX Ball!!!

Our customers have been asking us many questions about Titleist’s NEW AVX ball!!!

  1. Is it a premium ball?
  2. How does it compare to the ProV1 and ProV1X?
  3. Who can benefit from this ball?

These are all great questions, because I can definitely see this ball helping many amateurs. I put this ball into play for two rounds recently, and I was impressed.

This is a premium ball. They do cost as much as the ProV1 and ProV1X. What dictates whether a ball is a premium ball or not, is the performance around the green. The ball has to be able to “check up” nicely.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE with the AVX and the ProV1 and ProV1X is the distance! I normally hit my 8-iron 155 yards, but it was definitely flying 165 yards. I also hit my hybrid back to back, first with the ProV1. The ProV1 went 235, and the AVX went 250.

Players that are looking for great greenside spin and more distance with each club, will benefit from the Titleist AVX.

Titleist 2017 Pro V1 Golf BallTitleist 2017 Pro V1X Golf Ball

You can literally see the difference when the ball comes off the face; it is like a commercial jet (ProV1) flying next to a F16 (AVX).

As you know, this ball is only sold in select states. Email if you have any questions about the NEW Titleist AVX!

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