Bettinardi Antidote: Breakthrough Putter Technology!

Bettinardi is cracking down on putter technology. In order to get the most out of a putter, you want it to produce top spin and not anything else. Some putter manufacturers have accomplished this by a well designed insert on the face, but Bettinardi insists on doing it a little differently.


There are four putters in this series: Model 1, Model 2, Model 2 Center Shafted, & Model 3.

Model 1 is similar to most blades that you see, but it has a slant neck hosel.

Bettinardi Antidote Model 1 Putter

The Model 2‘s are the ones that catch peoples eye. Big head = high motion of inertia.

Bettinardi Antidote Model 2 PutterBettinardi Antidote Model 2 Center Shaft Putter

Model 3 is the classic looking blade, hidden in it is the technology.

Bettinardi Antidote Model 3 Putter

“What technology?”, you might be asking yourself. Although Bettinardi is known for great putter faces, they have decided to focus on another aspect of the putter… The center of gravity (COG). Most putters have most of the weight on the bottom half of the putter, which sometimes “kicks” the ball up in the air. Bettinardi has relocated the weight to the middle of the putter. This will “hit” the ball on the top half which will allow for more TOP SPIN!

Bettinardi Antidote Putter

The designers at Bettinardi have simply thought this one through.

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