What ball does Miguel Angel Jimenez use?

I was always under the impression that players that are sponsored by club manufacturers such as Mizuno and PING use the Titleist ProV1 or ProV1X by default.

One day at work, the Champions Tour was on and they were doing a close-up slo-mo to Miguel Angel Jimenez‘s impact. Anticipating the Titleist logo, I was shocked to see the SRIXON logo!

Srixon Z Star Golf Ball

Turns out Srixon has been gaining popularity in Europe. MAJ plays the NEW Srixon Z-Star.

I highly recommend the Srixon Z-Star for players that love the performance of the ProV1, but want to here and feel a firmer ball. For instance, if you liked the feel of the ProV1X but do not really benefit from high spin performance then the Srixon Z-Star is for you!

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