40th anniversary for EPON

Have you tried the EPON AF-705 irons?

Game improvement forged irons with explosive distance and performance. When people hear of EPON, one may think of the personal sets and the players irons which looks and feels amazing. But in my opinion, EPON’s best iron is this  AF-705 irons.

It is NOT for the competitive strong players but it is for the average golfers who seeks to gain forgiveness and distance and also likes Japanese irons! These EPON AF-705 irons are very popular in Japan and they have been out of stock for a while.

They are strong lofted and goes a long ways. That is why the longest iron they make is a #5 iron. But the loft alone does not make the ball fly consistently long. With the proper position of the Center of Gravity (CG) allows a slightly higher ball flight with less spin. The face material adds explosive ball speed for more distance.

If you have not hit the AF-705, come to Fairway Golf in San Diego and give it a whack!

Fairway Golf

2431 Pacific Highway

San Diego, CA 92101



EPON also has a limited version of the AF-705 limited Blue irons! Only 50 sets in the US! Hurry and get your hands on the special sets!


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