New XXIO X is coming! Experience solid distance

XXIO has just announced their next generation XXIO series.


Here is the highlights from their product description:

  • combines a larger sweet spot with a shaft that helps golfers find the face-center more often so moderate swing speed golfers can experience easier distance
    • amazing technology!
  • Low Swing MOI helps increase club head and ball speed without requiring any swing changes
    • Let the club do the work!
  • increase a moderate swing speed golfer’s chances of finding the sweet spot
    from 58 percent to 68 percent

    • that’s a big improvement!

XXIO has been the number one selling in this moderate swing speed category for a Looooong time in Japan.

From our fitting, we see many moderate swing speed golfers benefit from a lightweight golf club.

Most can hit standard clubs out on the market but during the fitting, you see some lose accuracy and distance after hitting number of balls due to fatigue. Lighter weight clubs enables one to swing consistently longer thus lasting the full 18 holes.

For more information, send us an email to to pre-order your XXIO X for more distance and consistency! xxio page




Japan Technology is great!

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