2018 XXIO X golf club reviews

XXIO X golf club global release date is December 9, 2017.

This best selling model in Japan is the 10th generation very popular among moderate club head speed and lady golfers.  Lightweight, easy to hit and very forgiving. I anticipate some backorders in the beginning so if you want to give yourself or your spouse the XXIO X for the holidays, I recommend pre-ordering asap.

Many might have not touched or tried the XXIO products so I will share some reviews I found from Japanese website to try to convince you how excited Japanese golfers are for this launch!

About XXIO X golf clubs:

XXIO X Driver: $649.99

XXIO X Fairway Wood:  $399.99

XXIO X Hybrid: $299.99

XXIO X Irons:  from $799.99

Click here to view product and pre-order!

XXIO X news and reviews:

JLPGA Player Yumiko Yoshida

The first tournament she puts the XXIO X driver in play, she captures her 2nd win of the year.

“Very easy to swing and makes the ball jump off the face”

on the 17th hole, she drivers 270 yards to make birdie!


(from alba.co.jp)

“loft is 1 deg strong than previous model but launches higher and straighter”

“The graphite shaft is easy to swing and ball flight is straighter”

“The shaft makes the swing automatic. The quality and technology is amazing!”


(from ameblo.jp/qplife)

“The shaft is firm on the but and soft in the middle section. The tip is made slightly firmer than the middle.”

“With the new shaft technology, 28% better chance of hitting the sweet spot”




review by JLPGA golfers (in Japanese)

  • “Great distance from the first shot and feels good”
  • “You can notice the fast ball speed off the face”

review by Tommy Nakajima (in Japanese)

  • “Feels like a cannon”
  • “Of all the XXIO models, this one feels like the ball flies off the face much stronger”
  • “The sound makes you feel good”

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