Miura Giken is on the PGA Tour!!! (I’ve been waiting for this day)

Now, there are multiple players out there that do play Japanese-made golf clubs. However, none of them have played on a President’s Cup Team before. Kevin Chappell joins the few PGA Tour Professionals that game Japanese-made irons.

Chappell was one of the few that were hit by the Nike Golf tragedy (some would call it beneficial). This week at the Shriner’s Hospital tournament, Chappell was seen using Miura Giken. He games the Miura blades from 5 through pitching wedge, uses the CB-1008 in the 4 iron, and ICL-601 for a driving iron.

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I have been waiting for a day like this! Miura is now in the hands of a well known tour pro (with all due respect). This will help validate Japanese clubs that have been well over looked. Many of the tour pros do not play Japanese-made products because the company does not pay. It is nice to see Kevin Chappell sacrificing some sponsorship money, to play such quality stuff.

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