Is there a baby on the way? Get the gift of My First Ping Putter

As a golfing parent, I am sure many would love a new born child to learn to play the game of golf.

In any sport, sooner you start, better you get seems to hold true. I guess when you start young, you learn to absorb things a lot faster. Just like learning a second language is easier when you are younger. You just don’t over think or get too analytical.

Did you know that PING has the My First PING Putter for the new born baby?

Order My First PING Putter NOW!

It is a great gift for the new born golfer.

The set includes a lightweight aluminum putter, a PING baby cap and onesie for infants 6 months to 12 months old.

Celebrate the birth of your child or grand child with the PING My First PING Putter!

You can engrave the following:





The putter length as the same as the baby’s height!

Each human being has one birth. Make it a special one with the My First PING Putter!

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