Bushnell Rangefinder will help you improve your score

Rangefinder will help you score better especially on your irons and wedge game.

Bushnell V4 Rangefinder

Benefits of having a rangefinder:

  • You can find out how far the bunker or dogleg is from the tee and help you choose the right club to tee off on the hole.
  • You know exactly how far the flag is rather than a guess to the middle do you math for approximation. You will be surprised how it will help you understand your iron distances.
  • You know exactly how to control your short game (inside 100 yards). Over time, it will help you control your yardages.
  • By hitting more greens and knowing your yardages, it will help you shoot lower scores and play faster.
  • Especially when it is the first time playing a golf course, knowing yardages to the pin and other hazards will greatly reduce the chance of mistakes.

We personally recommend the non-slope for most golfers. Slope is an added information but you should make your own best judgement on how to select the right club for height differences. Some hit higher, some hit lower so it is never a perfect math. You will know over time how much more or less your club will fly.

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