Do You Know Their Real Names? (Scotty Cameron, Bubba Watson, and more!)

We all know that some Hollywood celebrities have a stage name. Hulk Hogan is Terry Jean Bollette… Gene Simons is Chaim Witz… and Bruno Mars is Peter Hernandez.

It was surprising to find out that famous people in the golf industry do the same thing.

Everyone knows that Tiger’s original name is Eldrick Woods.

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Boo Weekley’s name is really Thomas Brent Weekley. His nickname comes from Yogi Bear’s buddy Boo Boo Bear.

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Who won the 2012 and 2014 Masters? Gerry “Bubba” Watson !

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The biggest surprise of them all is master putter designer… SCOTTY CAMERON. His real name is Don T. Cameron. In fact, the infamous putter designer does not have Scotty in his name.

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Do you know anybody that has a golf name?

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