Why Cobra F7 irons are the best gift for 2017 Holidays

Cobra F7 is great for golfers who is taking up the sport of golf. Reason is, it is very forgiving.


  • Long irons designed to hit the ball high with full hollow construction to lower center of gravity, middle irons are half hollow and short irons are standard cavity back. This will help the golfers achieve good heights on miss shots and good shots.
  • Large had profile for expanded sweet spot. Bigger the head, more forgiving.
  • Nothing too fancy. Simple forgiving iron designed to hit the ball straighter.
  • This holiday season, set of 8 pcs with steel shafts are only $499

2 models to choose from:

The F7 irons come in variable length and one length. Variable length is where each iron is half inch apart in length just like traditional irons. One length is where all the length of the irons are the same so you just need one swing for all the irons.

Which irons are more forgiving is debatable but slightly taller golfers may see more benefit from the One Length since you don’t have to bend forward too much on the shorter irons. It saves their back from pain.

This holiday season, the irons start from $499 while supply lasts.

Give the gift of Cobra F7 irons for your beginning golfer!

Buy Cobra F7 irons

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