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Buying golf gift is tough but let us help you.

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Golf clubs are very personal. Today’s golf clubs are customized and fitted because they work the best when it is customized to fit the golfer. If you know that golfer’s desired specification, you can order exactly what he or she wants so they will actually use it.

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Golfers today are well educated on how a golf club works. Drivers needs to be with the right loft and shaft. Irons must have the right length and lie angle. Putters needs to have correct length. All clubs require proper grip size (this one is easy to change and not expensive).

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But if you are giving a gift for a golfer, we suggest:

But if you are buying a gift for your self, enjoy all the customization that the golf industry has to offer. Choose your grips, shafts, length, lie angle, stamping and make it personal. You have to like what you play.

Our recommendation:

Happy Holidays!

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