What Ball is Tiger Playing?

Hint: It is not the Bridgestone B330S.

The golf ball is the most important equipment in your bag. The ball is the one variable during your round that you can keep constant. Whether you need more distance or more green-side spin, there is a ball that will improve your game.

I did not believe that a ball could lower my scores, but after switching from the Srixon Z-Star to the ProV1 I was able to keep my ball in play off the tee while still getting the spin that I need in my pitch shots.

If you have been watching Tiger Woods at the 2017 Hero World Challenge, you can see how well he is controlling his shots. There are a lot of crosswinds in the Bahamas, so he needs a ball that can handle those conditions while still getting the backspin he needs. Most of his remarkable shots this week are his iron shots. Using blades, there is not much technology for the ball to fight crosswinds… so it has to be the ball.

Tiger has been using the new 2018 Bridgestone Tour B XS balls. These balls are Bridgestone’s softer premium ball. This ball fly’s further than any other ball because of the Dual Dimple technology. This new dimple pattern allows for less drag in the winds, which is why Tiger is able to hit a lot of greens this week.

Want more control over your shots? Try the new Bridgestone Tour B XS !

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