Driver Review: COBRA’s F8+ Milled Face

Many are curious about this driver. Even customers that do not typically play COBRA golf clubs want to know more about this driver. A milled face is typically something that you only see on a putter face; this is what Scotty Cameron putters are known for.

So what really makes the COBRA F8+ driver special? The CNC milling on the face allows COBRA to make higher quality drivers. CNC milling on the face is a more consistent process than just a blank-bent sheet of metal that you see on most drivers. The milling on a driver face also gives a different sound, a quieter sound than the COBRA F7.

Besides the acoustics, I noticed a significant drop in spin. I noticed that I averaged 2200 rpm’s of backspin with the COBRA F8+, while averaging 2500 with my current driver. I thought I was the only one experiencing this, but I asked people around the office to hit it and they noticed a drop in spin. If you do not already know, back spin is the killer of distance. If your ball looks like it climbs to a certain height, chances are you are producing too much back spin. My average carry distance on the launch monitor is 265 yards, but I was consistently carrying the COBRA F8+ over 270 yards.

The new Cobra F8+ driver also features ARCCOS Connect. Download the ARCCOS app, and your swing speed and distance can be tracked!

Overall, I really like the new COBRA F8+ driver. I can definitely see this going into my bag, which is rare for me to say. The added distance is there, and the feel and sound is not like anything else out there.

10 out of 10, would recommend!!!

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