What’s New About XXIO X?

For all that do not know, XXIO (ZEK-SEE-OH) is a very popular golf brand that comes from Japan. XXIO is known for their leading edge technology that helps players with slower swing speeds get the distance they deserve. Over the years XXIO has achieved this by making the club head lighter, as well as developing their own lightweight shafts that release the club properly.

This time around, the XXIO X will give players more distance due to its “hot face”. By hot, I mean that the face is more dynamic with a larger sweet spot. XXIO R&D noticed that most amateurs hit the club head in an elliptical pattern, so they focused on making that area the sweet spot. The SMART IMPACT shaft is designed to release more consistently than other lightweight, flexible shafts. The XXIO X is a longer and more forgiving series!

Check out the features of the XXIO X:

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