Explaining True Temper’s AMT Iron Shafts

Titleist’s new 718 iron series come with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold AMT iron shafts. These almost look like regular Dynamic Golf shafts, however these shafts are slightly different. AMT stands for Ascending Mass Technology, and I have found that it helps a lot of golfers.

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Basically, this series of iron shafts are heavier in the shorter irons and lighter in the longer irons. A heavier shaft in the shorter irons will help stabilize a swing (for more accuracy), and a lighter shaft in the longer irons will help a golfer get the ball up in the air (for better performance). Each shaft increments in three grams, with the seven iron being standard.

When you go to our Titleist 718 Custom page, you can see that there is an AMT Red, Black, and White. These different colors differentiate by trajectory. AMT Red helps golfers get the ball up in the air with a more active tip. AMT Black is a mid trajectory shaft. AMT White is a low trajectory shaft, which is what you would see on tour.


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