Select Your Ball According to Your Wedges

I haven’t been playing my best, which means I’ve been losing balls on the golf course. When I notice this phenomena I stop playing my stock ball, the Titleist ProV1. Instead I hit the Srixon Z-Star because they are still a premium ball, but usually a little cheaper than the Titleist ProV1.

Titleist 2017 Pro V1 Golf BallSrixon Z Star Golf Ball

Chipping and pitching are the strongest parts of my game. I use a Titleist SM6 in the lob wedge which I use for most of my chips, and Cleveland wedges for inside 100 yards. However, I noticed that when I switched to the Srixon Z-Star, my chips would run out more than I’m used to. Then I noticed that with a 70 yard shot, I would get more backspin with the Srixon ball. I knew that it wasn’t my technique or anything, so it had to be the ball and wedge combination.

With the Titleist SM6 (58*) and ProV1 the ball checks up more. When I use a Cleveland wedge and Srixon ball, I get way more backspin in my shots.

Titleist Vokey Design SM6 Custom WedgesCleveland RTX-3 Custom Wedge

In conclusion, if you want to get the most out of your wedges match them to the right ball. It only makes sense because companies brag about who makes the best wedge, but they make their claims with testing that they do with their own ball.

If you play Fourteen or PING wedges or a company that doesn’t make a ball, the ProV1 is a safe bet. Or take some practice time to see which ball suites your game best. You can buy balls in packs of three!!!

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