DIY: Modifying Your TaylorMade Tour Spider Putter


It’s no secret that the TaylorMade Tour Spider putter is one of the most popular putters on tour. There are two reasons why the TM Tour Spider is in the hands of the worlds best golfers like Dustin Johnson, Jason Day, and John Rahm: 1) The effective Pure Roll insert that gives the ball top-spin. 2) The weights further in the back increase motion-of-inertia which is what makes it so easy to swing on line.

However, as great as this putter is, I have one complaint… THERE IS NO SIGHT-LINE!

Most golfers do not align properly when they address a put, and having no sight-line can only make that more difficult. Now, I know everybody is different, but MOST golfers can really benefit from a sight-line. In Hawaii, Dustin Johnson was seen using a modified TM Tour Spider Black that had a T-sightline.

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This morning, I played with a gentleman that was using the TaylorMade Tour Spider Black version but there was something different about his; his putter had a black sight-line. Being in San Diego and TaylorMade up the road, I assumed that this guy had some connections at The Kingdom (TaylorMade‘s HQ). I asked him, and he told me that he did it himself; I was surprised because it looked professionally done.

I thought he just used a marker and a ruler, but it was a little more advanced than that. Four holes later, I asked how he did it and he admitted to using Car Detailing Tape… from Pep Boys! He went on to tell me that he used a ruler to confirm that it was straight and perpendicular to the Spider’s face.

Image result for auto detailing tape

Although I was impressed with his custom work, he told me that the putter was deemed illegal for tournaments until he found a way to make the line permanent. He suggested that all he had to do was use a thin polymer for it to stick on forever.

That being said, there is the TaylorMade Tour Spider RED with a sight-line, but there is not a black version which is why I thought I’d share this little hack.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Red w/Sight Line Putter

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