Callaway Golf introduces Rogue Golf Clubs: Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons

Callaway Golf introduces the next evolution of their driver.


Callaway EPIC driver was one of the best selling driver in 2017. 2018 is a year that they improved on the technology from the EPIC driver to bring you the new Rogue driver with improvements in ball speed and forgiveness.

The Jailbreak technology has been modified to an hourglass shape to reduce weight while maintaining its purpose of effectively transferring the energy back to the ball for more ball speed.

One of the feature lacking in the EPIC was the forgiveness for an average player. Great distance but off-center shots gave tough results. But with the new Rogue drivers, Callaway has successfully increased MOI with optimum weight positioning and shape (larger footprint), also with aerodynamics to add the forgiveness part to the mix.

There are 3 versions of the Rogue Driver:  Standard, Subzero and Draw

While Fairway Golf anticipates the standard model to be the most popular, the Subzero is designed to reduce spin rate for the faster club head speed players including tour players.

The draw model is designed to help golfer square the face at impact to reduce slice. It is still a fact that majority of golfers’ main issue with driver is the slice which reduces distance.

The Rogue drivers will be available with custom shaft options. Getting fit for the right shaft, flex, loft, length and grip will be key to maximizing performance on any driver.

Below are some of the featured custom shaft options for the Callaway Rogue Driver that we think will be popular:

The quest for more straighter distance will never end. Callaway will keep providing the best that technology can offer to hit the ball longer and straighter.  Rogue definitely would be an improvement over EPIC with the forgiveness.

If you would like recommendations on fitting and shaft options for the new Callaway Rogue Driver

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