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Last year, I fit more golfers into the 2017 TaylorMade M2 more often than not. The driver just catered to the majority of golfers. It was forgiving, it reduced backspin and launched the ball to the correct height. It was a very rare instance where a customer found better numbers with the Callaway Epic Drivers. Callaway was aware of the inconsistencies with the Epic line, made some tweaks… and the Callaway Rogue series was born.

Callaway has three versions of the Rogue driver… the Standard, the SubZero, and the Draw-biased. After hitting all three of the drivers, I believe that I will be fitting more players into Callaway drivers than I did last year.

Rogue DriverRogue Sub Zero DriverRogue Draw Driver

Callaway claims that the Rogue driver is much more forgiving than the Epic, and the ball speed is 1.5 mph faster.

Standard: for players that are looking to increase ball speed and forgiveness factor.

SubZero: for players with fast swing speeds (over 105 mph) that need to reduce backspin.

Draw: for players that slice the ball, looking for more distance and reduce speed.

Sergio Garcia

My swing speed averages 103 mph and I only carry the ball 265 yards. After trying out all the combinations, the standard Callaway Rogue driver with the Project X Even Flow Blue 60 X-Stiff. I know that 103 mph doesn’t “qualify” me for an x-stiff shaft, but if the launch monitor says you carry it 278 yards, why not?

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