2018 PGA Show in orlando (day 1: demo day)

2018 PGA Show kicks off with the usual demo day at the Orange County National Golf Course in Orlando.

Windy day at the 360 degree driving range but golf industry from all over the world have come to try the world’s latest equipment and goods to evaluate their performance.

While showing all of the item in detail would take beyond my bedtime, below are some notables that our staff tried and was pleasantly surprised:

PING G400 MAX Driver

PING is created this super high MOI driver to hit the ball straighter.

Currently proven on tour with usage by the world’s best on the PGA tour.

G400 is said to help higher club head speed but seeing some Tour pros switching to the G400 Max driver.

Yonex E-Zone GT Driver

Yonex had a long line of people testing out their high rated driver.

When is comes to producing carbon products, Yonex is the expert.

The E-Zone GT driver is long and straight.

Can Yonex make its come back to the main brand in golf?

Their staff bags are really cool.


Callaway Rogue Driver

Sounds better, great distance.

I agree, it’s better than the EPIC.

Comes in standard, subzero and draw.

Getting fit for the proper fit is key but will make the ball fly to unknown territory (I mean it in a good way)


Taylor Made M4 Driver

Is it because of the twist face or CG? But definitely the curves are less than what I am use to.

Huge line of people testing out the products.


Already proven on tour with couple of wins by the world’s best.

Didn’t think the M2 can be beaten but it did.

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Callaway Rogue Hybrid

Not sure if I want the hybrids to go too long. But I know I should not complain by too much distance. (My long is not anywhere close to Dustin Johnson so I need it)


Jailbreak is now in the fairway wood and hybrids. Looks slightly upright at setup but result is there.

Callaway X forged UT

I am not good at hitting a #4 iron but this UT felt really good. I still hit the Rogue Hybrid better.

This club looks like an iron but flies almost like a hybrid.

It does not look bulky.  If you like the iron looks but benefit from a slight forgiveness, this is the one


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Miura MC-501 muscle cavity irons

Take 20 grams off the back from the MB-001 and relocate to the slightly wider sole and this is the MC-501.

Miura feel, Miura-san approved. Amazing unchanged feel with sharp looks.

The next Miura generation is here and going through evolution while maintaining Miura tradition.


PING G700 Irons

This is the fastest growing category of irons.  Hollow cavity but close to traditional looks.

Hollow irons were around, but since PXG, this category has been growing. Taylor Made P790 and now PING G700. This category is satisfying those classic golfers with modern technology.


Wilson C300 irons

Personally the C300 forged irons were so good.  Maybe because I was hitting the ball with the wind.

But straight and soft.

Wilson is making a name with this C300 products.

Watch out for this classic golf company in 2018!


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Miura new wedge series

Just love it.

Yes, it looks like Miura.

Clean; simple, but amazing

You will not regret this one.



Titleist SM7 Wedges

Wedge is a wedge.

But SM7 is an improvement from SM6.

Beautiful looking finishes. (choice of 3 finishes)

The matte black is soooo nice.

Everyone trying them out just kept on hitting ball after ball and taking a long time. I am sure the wedge made them want to hit more balls.

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Odyssey EXO putters

Red or Black?

No the correct answer is the combination of red and black.

Just made a lot of putts.

You know when you like the putter when you grip it, setup and just feel that confidence level go up.

The whole EXO line and the Toulon line is a must see when you are in the market for putters.



KBS TGI shaft

I am a graphite shaft iron player. I hit the #7 iron about 165 yards but I prefer the feel and flex of the graphite shaft.

Always looking for a nice feeling graphite iron shaft and I have found it.

The KBS Graphite iron shaft loads and unloads with great feel and consistent ball flight.



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Da Vinci Training tool

Loved his energy and explanation of their training tool.

Great tool for instructors to teach golfers with instant feedback from his training too.

It will tell you what simulators don’t.



Can you hit the ball with this?







ClicGear Club Boost

Attach this device to almost any push cart out on the market and make it an electronic remote controlled cart!

For only $599, you can make you pushcart in to a remote controlled and off you go!

Golf will become a fun walk


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