Top Performing Drivers on the PGA Tour

When watching the top players in the world, I am most fascinated when they hit their drivers. The top ten players in the world all total more than 300 yards with the driver. They do this by adjusting two critical numbers: launch angle and back spin rate. Launch angle is the degree that the ball comes off the face right after impact. Backspin is the amount of revolutions the ball spins backwards in a minute. Tour pros get these numbers by using simulators like TrackMan. We use TrackMan at our Kearny Mesa store in order to fit golfers into new equipment. This piece of machinery simply tells us how the equipment is effecting the golf ball.

The best drivers of the golf ball in the modern era launch their balls at 14 to 15 degrees, while keeping their backspin rate around 2500 RPM. We find that these numbers get the most out of golfer’s swings with the driver.

Golfer’s are always looking for distance. The players leading in average of driver distance on the PGA Tour are all playing PING’s new G400 drivers! I believe this has a lot to do with their strategically placed turbulators on the crown and 445 cc head size. I find that golfers seem to swing this driver faster… simply because it looks fast.

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It is February 2018 and we are only 5 events into the PGA Tour. Ironically enough, those 5 events were won by players using the TaylorMade M3 and M4 drivers. I said it last year, and I will stand by it today… TaylorMade drivers offer the best combination of forgiveness and distance. I would say that the M3 and M4 drivers were built with a 60-40 ratio in mind… 60% forgiveness and 40% distance; this is why this driver has been winning on golf’s biggest stage.

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